New Patch for E³.series

Build 1604 is now available for download from the FTP server. Remember that this patch is not valuable for everyone, so please check out the content in the patch first.

See more information about the patch below.


Build 1604

See which Bugfixes this patch contains:

Build 1604 (Download PDF)


We have prepared one ZIP file with the changed files (EXE, DLL) with all the supported languages. You can download the file and overwrite your existing installation.

To load the files, please use the FTP link 

e3.series_2015_16.04                       32bit        (~59 MB)          DLL, EXE

e3.series_2015_16.04                       64bit        (~66 MB)          DLL, EXE  


There is a second file which includes all the files needed for the multi-user functionality.

Before you overwrite your existing files with the new files, please stop the E3-MultiUser-Service, copy the files and then restart the service again.

 o e3.series_2015_16.04_MU                32bit        (~6 MB)           DLL, EXE

e3.series_2015_16.04_MU                64bit        (~7 MB)           DLL, EXE

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